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Archive - JTSA. General Files

Identifier: R.G-1
Scope and Contents Note The Jewish Theological Seminary of America maintained a central filing office, called the General Files, from 1940 to 1990. The office's job was to systematically collect the incoming and outgoing correspondence of the chancellor (the title changed from president to chancellor in 1951) vice-chancellors, and other top administrators.Dr. Louis Finkelstein's tenure as chancellor ended in 1972 so the Ratner Center chose that date as the cutoff point for work done under the NHPRC grant....
Dates: 1902-1972, (bulk: 1940s-1972)

Archive - JTSA. Herbert H. Lehman Institute for Talmudic Ethics Records

Identifier: R.G-18
Scope and Contents Note Records of the Herbert H. Lehman Institute of Talmudic Ethics, 1955-1966 (the bulk of written material dates from 1958-1959; tapes are from 1962-1966) document the establishment and evolution of the Lehman Institute, including its student programs, dinners, luncheons, conferences, and summer sessions. Included are correspondence and memoranda; reports; minutes and transcripts of meetings; lists of participants; evaluations; application materials; invitations; publicity materials; brochures;...
Dates: 1958-1966; (1958-1959, bulk)

Archive - JTSA. Jewish Museum Records

Identifier: R.G-25
Scope and Contents Note The JTSA. Jewish Museum Records come from the files of the Jewish Theological Seminary, thus they document JTS's role in the administration of the museum while the museum was physically located at JTS, and for a period afterward. The first set of administrative records, those dating from 1943 to 1946 (Series I), document the administration most thoroughly, since they were accumulated during the years that the museum was located at JTS. After 1947, when the museum moved to the Warburg...
Dates: circa 1943-1980

Archive - JTSA. Library Records

Identifier: R-G-39
Scope and Contents Note This collection consists of the records of the library and archives staff of the Jewish Theological Seminary, including administration, special collections, rare books, archives, circulation, general collection, conservation, technical services, music library, and music archives. Also included are library cataloging records and worksheets, solicitation files, library committee minutes, friends of the library files, archives accession registers, visitors records, library reports, emails,...
Dates: circa 1970s - 2015

Archive - JTSA. Manpower Study of the Conservative Movement Records

Identifier: R.G-34
Scope and Contents Note The JTSA. Manpower Study of the Conservative Movement Records consist of Anne Goldin's and Muriel Greenhill's research material; copies and drafts of each of the seven reports; correspondence between Eli Ginzberg, Goldin, Greenhill, and Louis Finkelstein; and the researchers' notes on their conferences with Ginzberg.The research material is a mixture of raw and tabulated data. Included are: notes, tables, and charts; lists of Seminary alumni, Rabbinical Assembly members and...
Dates: 1947-1958

Archive - JTSA. Provost Records (1974-2016)

Identifier: R.G-3.C
Scope and Contents Note Records the Provost, 1974-2016, consist primarily of faculty files, as well as administrative files concerning the Joseph and Miriam Ratner Center for the Study of Conservative Judaism Archives, strategic planning, reports, and miscellaneous publications.Faculty files are arranged alphabetically. Materials in these files include course evaluations, tenure review and promotions, letters of recommendation, student evaluations, curriculum vitae, reimbursements, salary discussions,...
Dates: 1974-2016

Archive - JTSA. Public Events Audio/Video Tapes Collection

Identifier: R-G-14
Scope and Contents Note

The collection is unprocessed and closed; no further information about it is available at this time.

Dates: Undated

Archive - JTSA. Publications Collection

Identifier: R.G-29
Scope and Contents Note The JTSA Publications consists of informational publications of the Jewish Theological Seminary, 1892-1952. Included are biennial reports of the Jewish Theological Seminary Association (a precursor of the Jewish Theological Seminary of America), 1892-1904, and one, 1902-1904, of the reorganized Seminary; a chart of seminary departments, ca.1945; a pamphlet, 1903, containing published charter, by-laws, and other legal papers documenting the Seminary's reorganization in 1902; and some early...
Dates: 1892-1952

Archive - JTSA. Quarterly on Ethics (Proposed) Records

Identifier: R.G-35
Scope and Contents Note The JTSA. Quarterly on Ethics (Proposed) Records document the planning for and editorial work on the proposed ethics quarterly, covering the years 1965 to 1970 and consist of: annotated drafts of articles with related correspondence, 1968-1970 (see the box list for a complete list of authors and article titles); Louis Finkelstein's correspondence, 1965-1970; and a group of administrative files, 1965-1969. Louis Finkelstein's correspondence is with Ann Ash, the person at the Seminary who...
Dates: 1965-1970

Archive - JTSA. Rabbinical School Alumni Files Records

Identifier: R.G-15-A
Scope and Contents Note This collection consists of an alphabetical series of files containing correspondence between graduates of the Jewish Theological Seminary’s rabbinical school and faculty, presidents Solomon Schechter, Cyrus Adler, and Louis Finkelstein, and other administrators of JTS. There is a file for nearly every individual ordained as a Conservative rabbi from its first class in 1894 until 1965, the approximate year after which virtually no post-ordination materials were kept in the alumni files. The...
Dates: 1894-1965

Archive - JTSA. Radio and Television Department. Directions Television Program Records

 Record Group
Identifier: R.G-8
Scope and Contents Note At present the only portion of the Radio and Television Department’s records that is processed and available for research is this group of records of the Directions television program. Series A. Directions, 1963-1985 consists of files documenting the planning, production, and promotion of JTS's television program, Directions. Each file is devoted to a program, and the files are...
Dates: 1963-1985

Archive - JTSA. Regional Branches, Mid-Atlantic (Philadelphia) Region Records

 Record Group
Identifier: R.G-9-A
Scope and Contents The Philadelphia Branch files, 1935-1983 (the bulk of the material dates from the 1940s) are a small group of files that contain information about much of the fundraising activity for the Seminary conducted in the Philadelphia area. Included are minutes; examples of form letters and other material used during campaigns; reports; administrative documents; scrapbooks; photographs; and publications.The material used during campaigns consists primarily of advertisements for fundraising...
Dates: 1935-1983 (bulk-1940s)

Archive - JTSA. Seminary Israel Institute Records

Identifier: R.G-24
Scope and Contents Note The JTSA Seminary Israel Institute Records, 1947-1969, consist of correspondence and memoranda; typescripts, outlines, and transcripts of Institute lectures; minutes; programs and invitations for Institute lectures, dinners, award ceremonies, and other events; lecture attendance registers; lists of invitees; press releases, circular letters, and other publicity material. This material documents the inauguration of the Institute in 1952 and its yearly administration,...
Dates: 1947-1969

Archive - JTSA. Teachers Institute/Seminary College of Jewish Studies Records

Identifier: R.G-12
Scope and Contents Note The Teachers Institute (TI) and its extension division, the Israel Friedlaender Classes are only sparsely documented. So far, records of the Israel Friedlaender Classes, mainly correspondence of its registrar, Israel Chipkin, and a few files of correspondence belonging to Teachers Institute registrar Samuel Dinin, are available for research.The Alumni Association Records consists of correspondence, circular letters to members in both final and draft form, flyers, membership...
Dates: 1915 - 1992

Archive - JTSA. The Institute for Religious and Social Studies Records

Identifier: R.G-16
Scope and Contents Note The records of the Institute for Religious and Social Studies (IRSS), 1938-1972, consist principally of files documenting the administration of each yearly program. Also included are administrative files and meeting files from the Institute on Ethics; administrative files and meeting files of the Transcultural Seminar on Tradition and Change; administrative files and lecturers' files of the Boston and Chicago branches of the IRSS, 1943-1952; lecturers' files from sessions of the IRSS held in...
Dates: 1938-1976

Archive - JTSA. The Jews: Their History, Culture, and Religion Records

Identifier: R.G-36
Scope and Contents Note The JTSA. The Jews: Their History, Culture, and Religion Records document the conception, preparation, publication, and reception of the first three editions of The Jews, and consist of administrative files, ca. 1943-1961; drafts and proofs of chapters of the first through third editions; and responses to the 1946-1947 and 1957 questionnaires along with charts analyzing the responses.The administrative files...
Dates: 1943-1961

Archive - JTSA. University of Judaism (Los Angeles, CA) Records

 Record Group
Identifier: R.G-4
Scope and Contents These records of the University of Judaism in Los Angeles consist mainly of administrative correspondence, 1947-1960. Also included are materials from commencement exercises, 1951 and 1953-1955; six reel to reel tapes, 1947-1948; and a scrapbook, ca. 1940s.The correspondence, which is mainly Simon Greenberg's, documents the early years of the University of Judaism plus later administrative matters, particularly fundraising. Correspondents include professors, staff, board...
Dates: 1947-1960

Archive - JTSA. Writings By and About Seminary Figures Records

Identifier: R.G-27
Scope and Contents Note These records include texts of writings by and about Jewish Theological Seminary faculty members, administrators, board members, honorary degree recipients, and other speakers at Seminary commencements, convocations, conferences, and other events, 1890s-1970s. Also included are a few articles, reports, statements, brochures, and surveys produced by the Seminary itself.This material takes the form of manuscripts and typescripts and also printed formats including reprints,...
Dates: 1890s-1970s

Archive - Max Kadushin Papers

Identifier: ARC-1000-004
Scope and Contents The Max Kadushin papers consists primarily of lecture notes, articles, correspondence, sermons, reviews, and clippings. Some papers of Dr. Evelyn Garfiel are also included.Of note among Kadushin's papers are some of his notes from lectures given at the Teachers College of Columbia University in 1917, as well as notes of other lectures on the Bible, his Mekilta commentary, and on his work, The Rabbinic Mind. Also included are Kadushin's notes from...
Dates: 1911-1985

Archive - Alexander Kahn Papers

Identifier: ARC-2007-07
Scope and Contents Note

The Alexander Kahn Papers consists of speeches, correspondence, biographical material, news clippings, writings and miscellaneous material connected to the Forward. The three albums contain photographs as well as letters received on the occasion of Kahn's 80th birthday.

Dates: 1917 -1962

Archive - Zadoc Kahn Papers

Identifier: ARC-64
Abstract The Zadoc Kahn Papers consists of correspondence concerning Kahn’s duties as chief rabbi of Paris, and especially of France, including correspondence with communal rabbis, consistorial chief rabbis, and others in France, Algeria, and other countries in North Africa, and elsewhere. The Papers also includes clippings, pamphlets, and other material concerning memorials to Kahn. The correspondents included in this collection are Elkan Nathan Adler, Hermann Adler, Abraham Bloch, Felix Bloch,...
Dates: 1868-1911

Archive - Sylvan D. Kamens Papers

Identifier: ARC-1000-018
Scope and Contents Note The Sylvan D. Kamens Papers document his student years at the Jewish Theological Seminary, Air Force chaplaincy experience, and rabbinic career. Congregational life at Tifereth Israel (Duluth), Temple of Aaron (St. Paul), and B'nai Emet (St. Louis Park), is also included. From Temple Beth El, (Akron), there is only a run of bulletins dating from 1951-1991. Of note are extensive files on Camp Ramah, including leadership guides and plays and skits in Hebrew.The collection...
Dates: 1956-1983

Archive - Kane Street Synagogue (Baith Israel-Anshei Emeth, Brooklyn, NY) Records

Identifier: ARC-1000-019
Scope and Contents Note The Kane Street Synagogue (Baith Israel-Anshei Emeth), Brooklyn, NY Records span the years 1856 to 1997. They consist, in the main, of the synagogue’s financial records, seat books, and minutes, as well as records of its sisterhood, Talmud torah, Sunday school, library and cemetery. A centennial banquet book, 1956, includes a brief history of the congregation. Also included is an 1898 volume of the Mishnah.The 1992 addition to the collection consists of miscellaneous letters,...
Dates: 1856-1997

Archive - Samuel Kantor Music Scores

Identifier: ARC-MUS-28

The Samuel Kantor Music Scores consist of manuscripts and printed music, primarily Hebrew prayers and Yiddish songs. Kantor served as the cantor of the Brooklyn Jewish Center from 1920-1943.

Dates: 1924-1944

Archive - Mordecai M. Kaplan Diaries and Papers

Identifier: ARC-65
Scope and Contents Note

The Mordecai M. Kaplan Diaries and Papers consists of diaries from 1913 to 1975, which include draft essays, lectures, and letters, as well as detailed accounts of meetings and events, and other matters. The collection also includes miscellaneous letters, and a program for the celebration of Kaplan's 70th birthday.

Dates: 1910-1975

Archive - Mordecai M. Kaplan Lecture Notes

Identifier: ARC-1000-010
Scope and Contents Note The Mordecai M. Kaplan Lecture Notes consists of mimeographed lectures (1950s) delivered by Kaplan to classes at the Jewish Theological Seminary. The topics of the lectures include "A Reorientation to Zionism," "Jewish Movements in the Nineteenth Century," and others. Also included are mimeographed lecture notes from the lecture series on Zionism Kaplan gave for the Seminary's Israel Institute in 1954. These served as the basis of a later book ...
Dates: 1954

Archive - Abraham J. Karp Papers

Identifier: ARC-1000-045
Scope and Contents Note The Abraham J. Karp Papers is an unprocessed collection consisting of 4 different acquisitions. The original collection was acquired in 1991 as part of the Ratner Center Vertical Files and consists of an annotated typescript of A Century of Conservative Judaism in America (1986); a manuscript of Conservative Judaism Since the Tercentenary (1984); a manuscript of the paper The Future of Conservative...
Dates: 1950s-2000s

Archive - Abraham Isaac Katsh Collection

Identifier: ARC-2007-08
Scope and Contents Note

The Abraham Isaac Katsh Collection consists of correspondence, writings, biographical material and photos, as well as material connected to his activities at the Jewish Cultural Foundation of New York University and Dropsie College.

Dates: 1908-1998

Archive - Max Katz Poetry Collection

Identifier: ARC-127
Scope and Contents Note

The Max Katz Poetry Collection consists of condolence letters and memorabilia; Yiddish poems; translated Yiddish poems; published Yiddish poems and articles (1939-1983); Golden Age Club, Bronx YM & YWHA, NY; The Voice [Di Stimme] (1960-1964); Mosholu-Montefiore Community Center; Senior Voice (1960-1961); The Forward (May 1983).

Dates: 1939-1983

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