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Archive - Josef Basser Music Collection

Identifier: ARC-1000-149
Scope and Contents Note

The Josef Basser Music Collection consists of recorded music of original compositions; original, handwritten compositions intended for synagogue use; and photographs.

Dates: circa 1900s-1930s

Archive - Jacob Beimel Music Scores and Papers

Identifier: ARC-MUS-5
Scope and Contents Note The Jacob Beimel Music Scores and Papers consists of correspondence, 1935-1952; published articles, 1907-1941; unpublished research and writings on Jewish music, n.d; and scores and essays submitted for publication in Beimel's Jewish Music Journal, 1934-1936. In addition, there are seven large photographs, ca. 1912-1930; lead printing plates of music published in Jewish Music Journal (2.5 in. deep); and other personal...
Dates: circa 1903-1952

Archive - Herman Berlinski Music Scores and Papers

Identifier: ARC-MUS-17
Scope and Contents The Herman Berlinski Music Collection contains the published and unpublished music scores of composer/organist Herman Berlinski (1910-2001), 1938-2001. It also includes one archival box with Berlinski's published articles on Jewish music, 1976-1983; some unpublished writings, undated; correspondence, 1963-2006; four photographs, circa 1993-1998; a typescript of "Auto-Biographical Sketches" about his youth in Leipzig circa 1991 (112 p.); and an in-depth interview by friend and fellow...
Dates: 1938-2006

Archive - Sina and Herman Berlinski Papers, Photographs, Audio and Video Recordings Collection

Identifier: ARC-MUS-26
Scope and Contents Note The Sina and Herman Berlinski Papers, Photographs, Audio and Video Recordings consists of materials collected by composer and organist Herman Berlinski (1910-2001) and his wife, pianist Sina Goldfein Berlinski (1910-2011). There are photos, printed programs and reviews that document Herman Berlinski’s numerous concert tours throughout Europe, the US. and Mexico, 1966-2000, as well as correspondence between husband and wife, 1939-1978. There are also academic diplomas, awards, and medals...
Dates: 1885-2010

Archive - Jonah Binder Papers, Scores, Photographs, and Audio Recordings

Identifier: ARC-MUS-27
Abstract The Jonah Binder Collection consists of the music, papers and audio recordings of cantor, vocalist, choir conductor, composer, arranger and educator, Jonah Binder (1917-1999). The bulk of the collection is comprised of music manuscripts that Binder either sang or composed and arranged, ca. 1940-1993. There are also archival recordings of him officiating at weddings, 1948-1949; some memorabilia from World War II, 1943; concert programs, 1970-1991; unpublished reminiscences, n.d.; lectures,...
Dates: 1922-1995

Archive - Board of Jewish Education of Greater New York Music Scores, Papers, and Other Materials

Identifier: ARC-MUS-24

The Board of Jewish Education of Greater New York Music Collection consists primarily of published music that once constituted the music library of this organization. In addition, there are unpublished music manuscripts, cantata texts, folders of song repertoire and some administrative papers and photo slides. These items appear to have been created, collected or used by staff members.

Dates: 1886-1990

Archive - Israel Brandmann Music Scores and Papers

Identifier: ARC-MUS-23
Scope and Contents The Israel Brandmann Music Scores and Papers contains the papers of musician Israel Brandmann (1901-1992), who was active in Jewish musical circles in Vienna between 1924 and 1935. The papers include over ninety concert programs and announcements, 1922-1936; six professional photographs, ca. 1930-1938; and a blue velvet portfolio with an inscribed silver harp of David, 1920, that contains congratulatory letters and certificates praising Brandmann's musical ensemble ...
Dates: 1918-1964

Archive - Maurice Finnell Choral Music Scores

Identifier: ARC-MUS-30

The Maurice Finnell Choral Music Scores consist of manuscripts, arrangements, and annotated printed music for a variety of liturgical compositions. These scores were collected and used by Finnell in his career as a vocal instructor and choir director from the 1940s until the early 2000s.

Dates: 1930s-1970s

Archive - Herbert Fromm Papers

Identifier: ARC-MUS-6
Scope and Contents Note The Herbert Fromm Papers consists of the published music and music literature holdings of the Jewish Theological Seminary’s Music Library combined with archival material. The collection also has two addenda. The original collection consists of mostly mastersheets, blueprints, and several holographs of Fromm’s musical compositions, 1925-1990. Also included are audio tapes of performances of his music, 1951-1970; Fromm’s correspondence with composers,...
Dates: 1905-1997

Archive - Salo H. Goldstone Music Scores and Papers

Identifier: ARC-MUS-14
Scope and Contents Note

The Salo H. Goldstone Music Scores and Papers consists primarily of manuscript musical scores, circa 1883-1951. Most of these scores were composed by Goldstone for use in the synagogue, circa 1900-1940. In addition, there is some of his published sheet music, 1937-1948, and some archival material including a performance poster, circa 1925, and a business notebook with cantors’ addresses, 1950.

Dates: 1900-1950

Archive - Irene Heskes Papers

Identifier: ARC-MUS-7
Scope and Contents Note The Irene Heskes Papers consists of her archival papers, 1883-1999; two hundred thirty-four titles of early American Yiddish Theatre music, 1897-1923; and numerous scores and books on music collected by Heskes for performance and research purposes. This inventory describes Heskes' archival papers. The fifteen books authored, coauthored, or edited by Heskes, 1965-1994, that were part of the J.T.S. Music Library before the donation, may be accessed through the library's. The donated scores and...
Dates: 1883-1999

Archive - Samuel Kantor Music Scores

Identifier: ARC-MUS-28

The Samuel Kantor Music Scores consist of manuscripts and printed music, primarily Hebrew prayers and Yiddish songs. Kantor served as the cantor of the Brooklyn Jewish Center from 1920-1943.

Dates: 1924-1944

Archive - Max D. Klein Papers and Music Scores

Identifier: ARC-69
Scope and Contents Note The Max D. Klein Papers consists of correspondence (1948-1969) with Louis Finkelstein, Maurice Jacobs, Marshall Bernstein, Yaakov Rosenberg, and others; notes, drafts, and correspondence concerning the prayerbook compiled by Klein; sermons; photographs of Klein and others; records of weddings and other functions (circa 1918-1969); minutes, correspondence, reports, brochures, circulars, and other materials concerning the Northwestern Jewish Religious Association (1905-1908), and Jewish...
Dates: 1861-1969

Archive - David Kusevitsky Music Collection

Identifier: ARC-1000-158
Scope and Contents Note The David Kusevitsky Music Collection consists of several small manuscript collections of liturgical recitatives, many composed by "D.K.", and are in both mastersheet (tissue manuscript) and black-line print (diazo duplicate form). Several of these date from the 1970s, when Kusevitsky was an instructor of hazzanut at New York's Jewish Teacher's Seminary at the Herzliah Institute. There is also a bound book of cantor's recitatives stamped "D. Kusewicki, Dyrygent Wielkej Synagogi, Rowne,...
Dates: circa 1930-1979

Archive - Siegfried Landau Music Collection

Identifier: ARC-1000-159
Scope and Contents Note

The Siegfried Landau collection consists of completed manuscript scores, as well as unfinished pencil sketches of musical compositions; musical sketches; dance or ballet music; secular vocal music; Synagogue music; and orchestral composition, some of which are manuscript scores with parts.

Dates: circa 1950s-1970s

Archive - Marvin Miller Sound Recordings

Identifier: ARC-MUS-20
Scope and Contents Note

The Marvin Miller Sound Recordings is comprised of homemade audio tape recordings of various cantors in concert. Most of the live recordings are of Jewish liturgical prayers sung by Cantors David, Moshe or Jacob Koussevitzky, in that order of frequency.

Dates: 1953-1971

Archive - Richard J. Neumann Music Scores, Papers, Audio and Video Recordings

Identifier: ARC-MUS-25
Scope and Contents Note The music contained within the Richard J. Neumann Music Scores, Papers, Audio and Video Recordings includes both the synagogue music and Ladino song arrangements that he published with Transcontinental Music between 1959 and 1983. It also includes his smaller unpublished works, which are either cataloged individually, such as “Two Preludes for Piano” (1949) and “Prelude in Jazz” (1963), or as part of a larger manuscript collection, such as “[Miscellaneous Folk Song Collection]” (1948-84)....
Dates: 1948-1997

Archive - Meyer Posner Music Scores and Papers

Identifier: ARC-MUS-19
Scope and Contents The Meyer Posner Music Scores and Papers consists of the published and unpublished music scores of composer/conductor Meyer Posner (ca. 1890-1931), as well as his two published books on music, Harmonie (New York, 1924) and Elementarer Muzik Lerer (Elementary Theory of Music) (New York, 1928), both in Yiddish. There is one (flat) archival box that contains Posner's music programs and two...
Dates: 1917-1950

Archive - Hazzan David J. Putterman Music Scores, Papers, and Audio Recordings [Park Avenue Synagogue Music Collection]

Identifier: ARC-MUS-13
Scope and Contents Note The Hazzan David J. Putterman Music Scores, Papers, and Audio Recordings consists primarily of cantorial music manuscripts from Russia, Central and Eastern Europe, and the United States; some holographs and manuscripts of twentieth-century American synagogue music, ca.1925-1968; photos and archival material pertaining to American Jewish composers, ca.1920-1952; magazine and journal articles about Jewish music, 1969-1970; and published music items that were either edited, composed, or...
Dates: circa 1874-1979

Archive - Solomon Rosowsky Papers and Field Recordings

Identifier: ARC-MUS-9
Scope and Contents Note The Solomon Rosowsky Papers and Field Recordings consists of his papers, music scores, and field recordings. The papers consists of correspondence, scrapbooks, subject files, and material documenting the preparation, publication, and reception of his book, The Cantillation of the Bible. A small amount of musical material, including notebooks, annotated published music, and a group of discs containing Jewish sacred and secular music presumably gathered by...
Dates: 1871-1965

Archive - Aron Marko Rothmüller Music Scores and Papers

Identifier: ARC-MUS-16
Scope and Contents The Aron Marko Rothmüller Music Collection contains the published and unpublished music scores of composer Aron Marko Rothmüller, 1931-1980; two folders of archival material containing biographical and historical information on Rothmüller and his Jewish cultural organization, Omanut, 1941-2002; and two commercial recordings of Rothmüller singing opera and art songs, 1991, 2002. The scores were published by Jibneh Verlag, 1931-1938 and Edition Omanut, 1933-1936. There are also several...
Dates: 1931-2002

Archive - Heinrich Schalit Papers

Identifier: ARC-MUS-10
Scope and Contents Note The Heinrich Schalit Papers is made up largely of the published musical works and unpublished music manuscripts, 1905-1976, of the German-American composer Heinrich Schalit (1886-1976). In addition, there are letters from prominent musicians, rabbis, cantors, and other important figures who were actively involved in Jewish religious and cultural life in Germany between the wars, 1918-1939, as well as in the United States during and after World War II, 1940-1976. There are Schalit's personal...
Dates: 1906-1996

Archive - Jakob Schönberg Music Scores and Papers

Identifier: ARC-MUS-11
Scope and Contents Note The Jakob Schönberg Music Scores and Papers consists primarily of the manuscript musical scores of composer and music theorist Jakob Schönberg (1900-1956), ca. 1923-1950. In addition, there are copies of his two published books, Die traditionellen Gesänge des Israelitischen Gottesdienstes in Deutschland, 1926, and Shire Erets Yisrael, 1935, as well as one folder containing manuscript essays, correspondence and published and...
Dates: 1923-1966

Archive - The Temple/David Gooding Music Scores and Papers

Identifier: ARC-MUS-22
Scope and Contents The Temple/David Gooding Music Scores and Papers consists primarily of liturgical music performed at The Temple/ Congregation Tifereth Israel in Cleveland, Ohio during the twentieth century. It contains anthologies and sheet music published in the U.S., 1883-1941, and some music manuscripts created for the congregation, 1905-1937. There are also manuscript scores and parts, correspondence (English), and some programs from the commissioning series run by Music Director, David Gooding,...
Dates: 1883-2007

Archive - Arnold Wecker Music Scores

Identifier: ARC-MUS-12
Scope and Contents Note The Arnold Wecker Music Scores is made up of cantor, composer, and conductor Arnold Wecker’s original synagogue compositions; his arrangements of traditional synagogue melodies for cantor, (SATB) choir, and organ; and many handwritten copies of 19th and early 20th century published synagogue compositions. There are some patriotic and religous songs in the Romanian language; a collection of "Wedding music" for voices, violin, and ‘cello; and many sets of (SATB) chorus part books, some...
Dates: 1891-1934

Archive - Joseph Yasser Papers

Identifier: ARC-MUS-18
Scope and Contents Note The Joseph Yasser Papers consists of subject files, 1895-1979, including photos, programs, correspondence (Russian and English), research notes, and typescripts of several articles and scholarly papers. The papers also comprise Yasser’s teaching materials, 1951-circa 1960, and a few of his manuscript musical compositions and sketches, circa 1920-1928. Also included in the collection are Yasser’s two books:A Theory of Evolving Tonality (New York,...
Dates: 1895-1979